The PEARL Repeaters

PEARL operates repeaters on the 2m and 70cm bands. See below for a list of PEARL repeater frequencies. The transmitter deviation is limited to 5 KHz to avoid interference with neighboring repeaters. The PEARL repeaters are housed on Mt. Ninham, near Carmel, New York, at an elevation of 1320 feet. Since the primary purpose of the PEARL repeaters is to provide emergency communications, this always takes priority over all other communications.

Most of the time, however, you will find the PEARL repeaters available for general use by hams throughout the area. Repeater coverage is quite extensive, and you will find many amateurs who rely on it for communication and for company during commuting hours.

The PEARL membership and repeater control operators require strict compliance with the amateur code for communications. Absolutely no foul language will be tolerated, and business related discussion is not allowed. Also, as a government facility, we never make reports of police traffic monitoring activity on the air. It is our desire to maintain PEARL as a model repeater, and we count on each user to maintain the standards set forth here and established over our many years of operation in service to the community. A complete list of PEARL's repeater policies can be found >>HERE<< and can also be found in the membership package availble on this web site. Please review them carefully.

The PEARL Repeaters

Band Mode Frequency Split CTCSS/PL Call
2M FM 145.130 -0.600 136.5 K2PUT
70cm D-Star 445.875 -5.000   K2PUT

Click on a callsign to see the repeater's coverage map.


PEARL Packet Equipment PEARL also operates an APRS digipeater, a packet BBS and a FLEXNET node, and participates in the packet backbone network.


The PEARL Packet Facilities

System Freqency MHz SSID
APRS digipeater 144.390 K2PUT-15
FLEXNET node 145.610 K2PUT-2
BBS 145.610



On Air Nets

The PEARL Repeaters host various On-Air Nets, please see schedule below.